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The effects of the Unicron Singularity were even felt outside of the linear universe by the ancient Transformer Vector Prime , guardian of the timestream. While attempting to view the future, Vector Prime discovered that there was no future to see: the black hole would spread across the entire multiverse, consuming all possible realities and timelines. Guardian Knowing that only the power of Primus could stop Unicron's evil, Vector Prime re-entered the timestream and joined with Optimus Prime's Autobots, directing them in a search for the lost Cyber Planet Keys that would awaken Primus and enable him to seal the black hole. Fallen Optimus Prime was not entirely convinced that a mystical solution was necessary when technological options were left to explore, and had Red Alert attempt to collapse the black hole using a gravitron grid . Alas, the singularity's power proved too much for the grid and caused it to overload, but the Autobots remained unconvinced by Vector Prime's tale until Red Alert spoke up on his behalf and talked the heroes into searching for the lost talismans. Hidden

3)   If you agree the estimate, the goods will be accepted for repair. You will be given a written copy of the estimate, with the upper ceiling figure clearly in writing, so you know you are safe. Normally, you will soon receive an invoice on completion of repairs, which will not exceed the 'fixed ceiling'.

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