Mew - no more stories ep

I’ll be playing Dishonored: Death of the Outsider , which we started today on Kotaku ’s Facebook page . (Spoilers: guys get mad when you jump on them. Maybe don’t jump on them a whole bunch.) It’s pretty cool so far, and I’m psyched to see more of it. Look for my thoughts on it early next week!

It was Finland’s 100th Independence Day the day prior to the show. After Jonas’ congratulatory speech and remarks of our difficult language (says a Dane), they sent us to a bit more upbeat, rockier bit of the show with Satellites . During this part we saw the audience go crazy with hits like Snow Brigade and Introducing Palace Players . Especially Apocalypso’s wolf background visuals deserve to be mentioned as they worked perfectly with the song. After Twist Quest we were treated with a rare gem. In the ten shows I’ve seen Mew play, I’ve never heard them play Start and as I like to keep the setlists, a surprise I didn’t know they’d played it in (for example) Poland too. I was ecstatic. No More Stories EP’s B-sides are all my favourite and hearing Jonas and Mads Wegner do Start this many years after the EP was pure magic. This was followed by Water Slides , always guaranteed to be emotional – I had to blink back a few tears.

+ -pronounced Plus Minus) is the sixth studio album by Danish alternative rock band Mew . It was released on 24 April 2015. The album was produced by Michael Beinhorn ...

Mew - No More Stories EPMew - No More Stories EPMew - No More Stories EPMew - No More Stories EP