Divided souls - the walk / nightwalking

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The core of the device that would become the Golden Throne, whose exact origin during the Dark Age of Technology is currently unknown, was discovered by the Emperor sometime in the 30th Millennium during the Unification Wars on Terra , buried deep under a huge and inhospitable desert on the continent of Asia. This was in the time before the construction of the Imperial Palace complex in the Himalazian (Himalayan) Mountains, although the exact date is also currently unknown. The original use that the Emperor found for the Golden Throne (or of the core device that the Throne was later constructed around) was that it could serve as a Webway portal based on Terra. Prior to the outbreak of the Horus Heresy , and over a period of several centuries, the Emperor directed tens of thousands of Mechanicum Tech-priests into modifying the Throne so it could be put into use as the nexus of his secret Webway Project. This project was intended to open up the Eldar  Webway to Mankind by establishing a portal into its galaxy-spanning network from Terra. This would provide a means of instantaneous interstellar travel between the worlds of the newborn Imperium of Man, making navigation through the dangers of the Warp unnecessary and literally connecting all the branches of Mankind instantaneously, creating a truly unified human race as never before in history. The Emperor believed that this level of unity would be necessary if humanity was truly to thrive and prosper in such a dangerous universe.

Divided Souls - The Walk / NightwalkingDivided Souls - The Walk / NightwalkingDivided Souls - The Walk / NightwalkingDivided Souls - The Walk / Nightwalking