Menelik - bye-bye

The result of all this is that respect for the dignity of others is undermined or even eroded. Those who don’t have respect for the dignity of others do not affirm the fundamental human equality. This, in the case of our country, is resulting in dehumanisation (as a friend recently warned) of our fellow Ethiopians. Once we dehumanise a person or a people group in our minds, it is easy to treat them with disdain and derision. Respect for the dignity of others is a great barrier against ethnic or religious hostility that could potentially lead to atrocity and cruelty. The increasing loss of this barrier, however, means that ethnic hatred and fear is on the increase in our country. This, I fear, is threatening the core of the fabric of our society, our neighbourly relationships and, as a result, Ethiopia’s existence as a nation of diverse people groups.

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Menelik - Bye-ByeMenelik - Bye-ByeMenelik - Bye-ByeMenelik - Bye-Bye