Private - hell ain't a bad place to be

While the guys and Chelsea take advantage of the water activities, the ladies stay on the beach getting massages and gossiping. Kathryn, Elizabeth and Danni talk about Landon’s sudden about-face regarding Kathryn.  Kathryn say she doesn’t know if Landon is genuine but she just needed to have some resolution to the Landon situation,

I was in London for Wireless Festival over the summer. We was in the studio every night, and that night, I was just feelin' it. I was irritated that I still had this song, ‘cause I knew it was something. But I couldn’t find the time to get it done. One night I just like, “Yo I’m not leaving until this shit done.” I went in there, and we stayed up until 4 or 5. Was catching the vibes in there. I wrote the whole thing by myself as far as the verses go. I had to snap on that second verse, I did it once and then I wasn’t satisfied. I had to make it longer.

Instead, follow signs to Folly Beach and keep heading east along the water until you're past the cars parked under the palmetto trees. You can sleep off breakfast in the sun, but between the temperate climate and generally mellow swell, it's a good place to pick up surfing—or to shred if you can. Southern hospitality extends to the water: You won't find friendlier locals on the East Coast.

Private - Hell Ain't A Bad Place To BePrivate - Hell Ain't A Bad Place To BePrivate - Hell Ain't A Bad Place To BePrivate - Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be