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Schumacher was involved in a collision with a French defender, substitute Patrick Battiston , in the semi-final of the 1982 World Cup. Battiston and Schumacher were both sprinting towards a long through ball pass from Michel Platini . Battiston managed to reach the ball first and flicked it up and to the side of the approaching Schumacher. Schumacher leapt into the air as the ball sailed past him, ultimately wide of the goal. Schumacher, still in the air, collided with Battiston. The resulting contact left Battiston unconscious, later slipping into a coma. Schumacher has always denied any foul play regarding the incident, saying that he was simply going for the ball as a goal keeper is entitled to do. Others have alleged that he intentionally collided with Battiston. [2] Battiston also lost two teeth and had three cracked ribs. [3] He received oxygen on the pitch. [4] Michel Platini later said that he thought Battiston had died, because "he had no pulse and looked pale". [5] The Dutch referee Charles Corver did not award a free kick for the incident. Schumacher proceeded to take the goal kick and play resumed. [6] West Germany would eventually go on to win the game on penalty kicks after the match was tied at 3–3.

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